About Us

Partnership In Action

Grice Corp, LLC is a coaching and consulting business with a number of community partners in Northeast Ohio. The primary service is to provide educational and entrepreneurial resources to the entertainment and justice-involved communities.

Our mission is simple, yet powerful: Turn dreams into realities for each and every client we serve! No goal is too big and no dream is too small!

Who We Are

We are the ecosystem within which organizations can find like-minded professionals who support one another. Where both your abilities are utilized and needs fulfilled.

Founded in 2020, Grice Corp, LLC aims to reflect the power of participation. After the most devastating Global pandemic of the century, one which forced the world’s population into confinement, the entrepreneurial spirit was beginning to rise, but confidence remained at an all time low. Our founder decided to form an organization that ensured its participants they were never alone: not in life, not in despair, and not in business.

We believe that success begins with a helping hand. Just as it takes a village to raise a child because no parent can do it alone, it takes a community to uplift a business: a community of people, and a community of businesses.

Grice Corp, LLC aims to be the nucleus of that community, bridging the gaps and valleys that hinder growth and success. Let us help you become the best version of yourself!

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+1 (216) 357-8263